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What makes a woman hot? Though some men might specify hotness as purely physical, it is fascinating to understand that more than a lovely face they look at those eyes more than that gorgeous body they take a look at the way she moves and carries herself more than her attractive clothes they look at how confident she remains in using them. From my own experience and from exactly what I have collected from other people, specifically from males, I have actually come up with the major criteria for the “hotness” of a female. These factors include: confidence, mystery, being daring, her eyes and how they communicate, her funny bone, and her nurturing spirit. All these focus more on the inner instead of the outer person.

Self-confidence originates from the inside out. It cannot be fabricated. In fact, some of the most beautiful and sexiest females are the most insecure. Our complacency starts by knowing ourselves and accepting ourselves for who we are, the method God developed us to be. It is through this love relationship with God that we begin to experience a great love, absolutely nothing that we have actually ever experienced before. It is through this love that we start to have peace and an inner sense of security that can never ever be shaken. It is through this love that we get healing from our hurts and pains, delivering us from a life of fear and insecurity. It is through this love that we begin to comprehend God’s fantastic prepare for us, making us comprehend that we were developed uniquely, and for that reason, we don’t have to take on others. It is through this love that we start to love ourselves, becoming grateful for this life that God has provided us. It is through this love that we develop a real sense of confidence that comes from deep within us. There is no higher self-confidence than the self-confidence that comes from having a genuine, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. A female who has actually found this and who has discovered her security in Jesus is truly hot! This what I had found with my Watford escorts.

As a rebellious teenager, my daddy utilized to tell me, “Remain a mystery to men. Don’t let them get tired of seeing you daily”. I didn’t understand it then, but I do now. Guy enjoy the “chase”. They were developed as the pursuers and so they wish to pursue than be pursued. The more mysterious a woman is, the more a man desires to obtain to know her. I remember speaking to a naked painter, method back in my past, and I asked him how he felt when he is painting a completely naked female in front of him. He stated that the only amazing part is when the lady begins to undress. After that, the mystery is gone. It makes a lot of sense, does not it? Truthfully, just as confidence cannot be fabricated, being mystical can’t be faked either. It can be controlled however it will be exposed soon. A genuine strange female is someone who is not even aiming to be strange. She is cautious, wise, and discerning by nature. She keeps things to herself and reveals just to those who should have to be close to her. When a lady is given up to Jesus, she establishes an inner sense of security that makes her positive (I’ve discussed this earlier). This self-confidence provides her a positive “no care attitude”, meaning, she is not out there to please people. She is not out there to scream to everybody: “hey, take a look at me”. Hence, she becomes mystical to others. A female who understands and follows the Word of God, and who has an excellent worry of the Lord has wisdom. This wisdom is the reason that she will constantly stay a mystery to others. Genuinely, a female dedicated to the Lord is hot!

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